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Barrel Bedding..

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I know that this question has been asked numerous times but I have not crossed into this thread. My question is what's the best lenght to bed the barrel channel of a rifle be it a 10/22 or another... I've read 1" , 1.5", 2" , 2.5" & 3" maybe there might be more .. But to some of you who has years of experience in this field what's the best
lenght of bedding it will be.....Any suggestions will help a lot of us here ...

Thanks & I appreciate those who will give their suggestions.....



( AirmaN )
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Have only built 4 10/22's, and only one of them for target. The other three have sporter weight barrels ... one is a factory 18" barrel, another is a 22" Stainless Steel (Wal-Mart) and the third, my magnum, has a 20" barrel from a Ruger M77. ALL of them have been bedded for 3" out from the receiver. The rest is freefloated. I used Brownell's Acra-Glass Jell. I have shot some very tiny groups at 50 yards. I grant you, not ALL are great. But I have shot groups as low as .045" and .195", and lots of .200" groups. Enough to know it wasn't a fluke. I hunt with my rifles. I just wanted the most accuracy I could wring from them for the 1-shot headshots at 50 to 150 yards. Got it too. :t :t
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