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nofun1 said:
I have three new barrels a VQ Carbon a GM second and a Magnum Research. the GM and the Mag will both shoot 10 shots at 50 yards that you can cover with a quarter. the VQ shoots about 3/4" other than the barrel the guns are identical with the usual mods. the VQ has about 200 rounds through it. Does it require a longer breakin? The mag shot its first ten shots just as good as any the GM shot great after 50. the VQ is still dissapointing. Also, whats kind of odd is they all shoot CCI Blazers better than anything else. This is OK because I get blazers 6.99 a brick. How do lead bullets affect a barrel? Do I need to do anything about lead fouling? Most guys here dont seem to clean their bores as much as I do. when hunting I usually shot 50-100 shots, clean and put away. Do you guys put yours away without cleaning after less than 100 shots? btw I clean with a weed eater line and patches and hoppes #9.
Some barrels are rougher than others although (at least in my case) it doesn't seem to affect accuracy too much. The bore of my GM "2nd" is rougher than a cob and it takes alot of scrubbin' to get the leading out of it at the end of the day. However it's nicely accurate, around an inch @ 50 yds with most "off the shelf" ammo and 5/8th or less with Wolf M/T. (Green Tag almost as good) My rifle likes Blazers too and for the price I think it's one of the better "bulk type" brands.

I generally run a patch with Hoppes #9 thru the bore every 50 rds or so, more often if I'm trying to shoot "serious" with target ammo. I think a lot of guys see a nice shiney bore after running a couple patches through and figure their barrel is "clean". However if you examine the rifling with a magnifying glass and good light it's easy to see the leading and rough spots if there are any. I'm experimenting with different products that may work a little better than #9 at removing lead albeit without the good ol' "banana smell" :D

I'd like to see a poll of different solvents to see what other folks are using in their barrels...............


BTW, my rifle didn't settle down and start functioning reliably until a couple hundred rounds went down the tube......
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