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Back From Volquartsen

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I had to send my Black Mamba back to Volquartsen. I couldn't figure out why I was getting jams at our last monthly Steel Challenge Match. I clean the gun but nothing helped.

I called Volquartsen and they told me to send it back in so they could see what was wrong. I got it back in a week. The Guide Rod Assembly was bent. Now with the new spring system everything is working correctly.

Now I'm getting ready for the Arizona State Steel Challenge Championships in a couple of weeks.
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'Glad you got your pistol back safely and working correctly. I wonder what condition caused the guide rod to become bent?
I mostly run Blazers and after about 50K rounds something had to go wrong. I'm guessing though. I just switched to Eley Action Plus and it's a bit hotter.
I have a mark 2 that I had to change guide rod it bent also but like yours I only shoot hv Ammo in it and it was over 50,000 rounds!
I shot a Steel Challenge with it today and everything went well except the ammo.

I had 3 FTFs. I also had 2 in practice this week. Not good for shooting the State Championship this Thursday. One of the FTFs really cost me because it would not come out of the barrel. I finally had to shoot it out. It went off on the second hit.

I may just shoot my Blazers which I know always go bang.

Other than that the gun was flawless. I shot my fastest match in 5 years and some personal bests on Smoke & Hope and Outer Limits keeping all OL runs under 6 seconds. That's great for me. I then have to add 12 seconds to my finals since I'm in a wheelchair and there is a penalty for shooting all the targets from one box.
great times AZ, what ammo were you having the FTF ?

great times AZ, what ammo were you having the FTF ?

The one giving me problems is the new Eley Action Plus.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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