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I have 2 bag riders - one is the CF from JP, the other is the “Sinclair BR forend rail adapter”, an ugly but very effective contraption the size of the toilet seat cover :ROFLMAO:🤦‍♂️made specifically for the Anschutz rail I believe.
Again the both contribute.
You can - imo - however realize… ~80% of their benefit by using an ARCA rail, it’s nice and flat and wide (enough), and the heavy one from KRG adds weight if you want it.
I‘m less than a year into shooting from a rest - it was “bipod” for the prior ~ 30, so I’m still figuring out the front rests, rear bags, rear rests, and now the bag riders.

But in general whatever you can do to stabilize the rifle is money and effort well spent(y)
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