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i picked up a butler creek hot lips 25rnd mag for my basically stock 10/22 carbine the other day. (i had heard the steel lips is better but werent available locally and were far more expensive) so i go to my favorite (read: only) shooting range yesterday with my brother. i load up 25 bullets and clip the mag onto the gun. for my first few shots i stood and peppered the target about 20 yards away (not shooting for a group just blowing random holes in it. than my finger got the itch, the last 15 rnds were popped as fast as i could hit the trigger. OH MY GOSH! that kind of fun SHOULD be illegal in 4 states! i personally had no feed problems (mag related) in the 650 rnds of ammo i popped off. i also made some new friends who were firing handguns about 3 lanes down, they came over to see what i was shooting. i offered them some of my "splatter" targets that make orange splatters when you hit them. they were like you wanna fire my .45? (do teddy bears have cotton balls?) the .45 (not sure on brand) was awesome, and i fired a CZ??? some european military weapon that fires soviet bullets? it was fun but i didnt like the sights on it. then i let all three of the people use the 10/22 w/ the 25rnd mag at 25yds. they loved it! i am thinking about buying another so whoever im shooting with can be reloadign while i shoot and vice versa.
in summary, i highly recomend the B.C. hotlips 25rnd mag to anyone who just wants to shoot stuff and doesnt care about 1/2" groups or the "ballance" of the weapon. its just good hi-cap fun!
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