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Auto Bolt Release not releasing

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I installed everything just fine. Hammer, extended mag release etc.

I put everything back together and pulled the hammer back, but the VQ ABR is not releasing.

What exactly does it do? I though I can just pull back on the bolt and it'll release? I tried pushing up on the button but that didn't do anything.

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As long as you got the lower leg of the little silver spring on the left side of the hammer (looking down into trigger assembly) back on the lower leg of the bolt release, and the upper leg under the cross pin that holds the ejector in, it should function like this:

With bolt closed: Pull and hold bolt to rear, then momentarily push up on bolt release, and release bolt. Bolt stays open.

With bolt open: Pull bolt to the rear and release, bolt should close.
Yup, it's installed just like that. But it's not releasing :(
bolt release

you will still have to push the bolt release lever (in front of trigger guard) to get it to lock. then just slide it back and release to chanber another round(lock and load)

Extended Mag Release

I installed everything just fine. Hammer, extended mag release etc.
Your new "extended mag release" is your problem....! ! It is binding the auto-bolt-release and preventing it from moving freely...! ! :(

This happens almost every time someone puts in an extended mag release...! ! The plastic ones are the worst...! ! :eek: :(

You will need to file/sand the sides of the extended mag release until it allows the auto-bolt-release to move freely...! ! :eek:
You know, that makes perfect sense because I was about to comment on how tight the fit was! Thanks, I'll go home and file.
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