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John Piicher the (Ice Man) is back.

John started shooting with us in the very first match back in January of 2001. He also had the highest score that month: 249-9x. In February of that year he shot a 250-12x, which put him in 1st place again. In Match his score was 250-10x. John shot a Winchester M-52C in all those matches.

Things started to heat up in March, 2001: 'cuz that 250-10x was only good enough for 4th Place:
1st - 250-21x - Ted Kerns
2nd - 250-17x - Mike Hasen
3rd - 250-14x - Jack Cash
4th - 250-10x - John Picher
All these scores were at 25 yards. That's all we shot in the old days. Some of you will remember that we also combined indoor and outdoor then. Ted and Mike shot those March scores outdoors. Jack and John shot indoors.

So: Today I got this message from John: He lives in Augusta, Maine in case you forgot, or didn't start shooting with us until modern times.
He sez:

Tonight I shot my first target with the Lilja barrel in the Rem 581. Using two batches of cull Eley EPS Match Extra at 25 yards indoors, the rifle shot a 248-11x.

The first batch went clean, but the second produced a couple of 9s.

Not bad for a sporter-weight barrel held in by glue.
It's great to have you back, John!

I just checked and see where in February, 2001: John shot a 250-10x with his RUGER 10/22.

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