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Atlanta, Georgia

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This is Chuck Wetherington's first target with his new 17, and the first score I received for the month of April.
Outdoor at 50 yards
223 -1x Chuck Wetherington. Atlanta, Georgia (wolfming)
Anschutz 1717d. HMR Weaver T-36. Hornady ammo
Stock gun, no modifications. BKL unitized scope mount, Hoppes front rest,, Protekors bunny ear rear bag.
Score shot at Advance Bullets in Temple, GA , no wind, simply a beautiful GA spring day. I have a new front rest coming from Joe Cowan today. I hope with this now rest I can break 230 . This is the first target that I have shot with no 7's on it . I thought for sure it would be a 230 but no when scored it came out 223. You guys that shoot 240-250's have my greatest admiration. It is so much harder than I thought it would be, so many things to go wrong.
Thanks for letting me shoot with you guys, I have learned so much from all of you.