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Ashley Lever Scout mount and 9422M?

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Has anyone tried to adapt the Ashley Outdoors Lever Scout mount for the Win 94AE to a 9422 or 9422M? If so, how did it work, was the hassle bearable...., etc.? I'd prefer to use a receiver based peep, but it turns out the barrel is too short for my ancient eyes to clearly see the front bead. Thanks.
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Scout mount for 9422M

It turns out that CheckSix in the "sights" forum has posted a solution. B-Square makes a scout mount that attaches to the dovetail. No need to drill and tap the receiver. Part number 144410, $44.95 including rings, plus shipping directly from B-Square. To find the item, go to the Rossi page on the B-Square website. Add a Williams WGRS-54 receiver peep and you have a backup.:)
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