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Arizona "new" law

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:t I may be out on the edge of rim fire talk, but I consider this very important.
In april the Governor of the state of Arizona signed in to law a provision that a course would be offered, as an elective, in marksman ship would be made available in the public and charter high schools. One caveat is that at least twelve students must apply for the course to be held.
The Arizona Dept. of Game and fish would be the agency responsible for the course curriculem.
This is good news.
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that sounds like great news, it would be nice if others will follow suit and do the same
bout time someone did one of those! i know of at LEAST 15 guys that would have joined a shottong club in high school when i went and that is in the bay area of CA!
A School Near My Hometown Had Something Close To That. It Was A Fish And Fur Culb So To Speak,the Club Had All Voulnteer Help And The Epo's Helped Too.it Sounded Like A Great Program For Kids Who Wanted To Do Things Like Shooting Sports And Learn About The Enviroment. Unfourtnely The Gun Haters In The State Of Mass Put A Stop To It. Said Some Junk That Guns And Schools Should Not Mix.but The Kicker Was All Events Where Done Off Schools Grounds And On Weekedns. Too Bad Some Jerk In Politics Has To Ruin A Good Thing..
Back in the early '80s I shot for my high schools JROTC rifle team we had a range in the basement next to the cafateria we shot 3 position matches aginst the other schools that had the JROTC program we even made it to State finals a couple of times.

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