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The good one is a Hummer. Most custom or premium factory barrels shoot very small groups and do OK when it come to wind with your adjustment for it, but every now and then you get that one barrel that just shoots fantastic in all conditions. Sure, you may have to compinsate for wind, they just seem to be more consistant and shoot nice small one hole groups.

I think it has to do with the way the barrel vibrates, they are just as close to being right as possible and have flawless rifling and lapping.

If you get one, take the best of care and try to limit shooting it too much to make it last as long as possible if it's a CF.

It's the luck of the draw in most cases, when you get lucky, you get that one barrel that just outshines every other one that you have.

I think that you have to be a great shooter to really take advantage of a Hummer barrel, but one can even help those of us who just shoot decent.

Comp shooters covet a barrel like that anytime they get one, the stars are in alignment, the universe is right and their barrel shoots like a house on fire :bthumb:

My Best, John
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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