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I have that Winchester scope, it comes in a hard case with a mini tripod and the scope is something like 15-45x50 right?

It works, but it's nothing special. The clarity is just OK, the brightness is just OK almost poor. You can see .22 holes at 100 yards with good eyes. The worst thing about it is the eye relief. You have to almost stick your eyeball directly on the lense or you can't see thru the scope. Literally. Forget about looking thru it with eye glasses or safety glasses because you have to get closer. You'll have to lift your glasses up, then stick your eye on the lense.

I got mine as a gift. It's OK for messing around with I suppose, but it's a poor choice if you plan on using it a lot. I rarely use mine just because the eye relief issue sucks so bad.
1 - 1 of 63 Posts
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