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Sorry for the late results this month. Was sick all weekend (preatty well all better now though). Anyway here they are:

100 Yard Unlimited

300/11X - Jordan Fraser, BC, Canada (cz452shooter)
Winchester 52D, Weaver T20, Eley match EPS
Factory barreled action, McMillian BR stock,
Hoehn/Henrcih tuners.

298-15X - Dennis Fraser, BC, Canada (not on RFC!)
Anschutz 54MS, Bushnell 4200, Fudd tuner
Factory everything with Caldwell rest.
5-10kmh winds, switchy

296 16x Harold Reeder Harrisburg, MO (oneshotharry)
Win. 52 sporter reproduction pulled pin out of trigger to get lighter pull, only modification. wind laid in afternoon almost calm.
my first try at 100yds. don't usually shoot over 50 yds. very trying though!

289-10X 94-2X 99-6X 96-2X
Bernie Porten, Auburn, NY (autoloader)
Ruger10-22, T-36 with 1/8" dot.
GM 16 in fluted stainless barrel, Psycho Br stock, Master L
Sunny, 65 deg, Wind 3-8 o'clock 2-6 mph.

285/7X Allen Rhodes, Seguin, TX (dustoffer)
Remington 513T, Weaver T36, Eley Club XTRA
Rifle is stock.

278/4X Stan Gibbs Kingsland, TX (Claybuster)
Winchester 52D - Weaver T36 - SK "Pistol Match" ammo
'65 CMP barreled action - "Kenyonized" 2 oz. trigger - Hoehn tuner
Surplus factory stock pillar-bedded & self-mod to BR config.
91/2x, 93/2X, 94/0X --- Shifty gusty winds; hard to read

251-4X. Cowboy4 (Boyd L. Randolph) Kentucky
Weather: 70 degrees. Deceptively windy. I say deceptively because what appeared to be wind of no consequence became the main attraction. I found myself waiting for a wind shift just to see the effect on the impact point. In reality, probably no more than 6-7 MPH, but changing from ALL directions without warning.
Remington 580 action/CMP 40X barrel, Voelker trigger, K-10 Weaver (This is normally my 25 yard gun. Ely Club (orange)
90-2X, 87-1X, 74-1X= If you'll notice, my third target's score is somewhat low, I

258-5X Cowboy 4 Remington 40X, Hart Sporter barrel, Jewell trigger (set at 1 1/2lbs), Remington 700 ADL stock, Leupold 24X in BSA see-through mounts (This is my "standard" gun for smallbore silhouette), Ely Club (orange).
88-1X, 81-2X, 89-2X

April 100 yard Fun Shoot (shot 4/19/08)
255/5X Stan Gibbs Kingsland, TX (Claybuster)
CZ 452E - Bushnell "Banner" 4-12X - Federal "Champion" 510 ammo
86/2x, 88/2X, 81/0X --- Still windy!

214-2x Tim Sears - St. Peters, MO (ThePenguinKnight)
Tula TOZ 78-01, Bushnell 3-9x32 on 9x, Remington Golden Bullets
Bone stock w/ olympic grade match chamber and barrel, free floated, no mods except for sling swivels, trigger adjusted to about 1lb

*** Ideas for may would be great

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Hi Everyone,

I am extremely sorry for the lack of communication and doing nothing for may :(. Unfortunaley (and I know I have used this "excuse" before but...) I have been extremely busy lately with, as much as I don't like to say it, more important than this. School (exams coming up in less than a month), Provincials for shooting (3 weeks or so), summer games, nationals, school, homework as well as the other shoots I run on another site. It is busy.

So unfortunatley I don't think i will be able to run the funshoot over the summer. Would anyone like to take over my "job" for time being? Send me a PM if you like.

Kind Regards,

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corey273; As much as I would like to, I can't. Simple as that. So far no one has PM'ed me - If anybody is intersted in taking over for time being please let me know ;)

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For each month, you have to come up with an idea of what the funshoot will be. If you take a look at my past funshoot threads that will give you a fairly good idea of some of the different shoots there have been. My imagination isn't all that great so usually I just start upa thread trying to get ideas about what the funshoot will be. Then you have to construct rules for the shoot and give all the details such as time, distance, target, what equipment allowed, ect. From there start a thread titled "May Funshoot: Enter scores" or whatever the month might be. Then at the end I post the scores, in order from heightest to lowest.


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Well, we didn't have a May fun shoot, so I did my own. 10 shots, iron sights, NRA 100-yd smallbore target--

95-1X, Allen Rhodes, dustoffer
Rem 37, Eley Club Extra.
Caldwell BR front with Protektor bags, front and rear.
Winds, less than 5 mph from 7 o'clock.
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