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THis is pretty nuts, The Yooper Mitten crowd shoots a 964 and its only good for 3rd.:eek: Great shooting everyone, scores keep going up.:bthumb:


1st Pennsylvania
246-5x David Crane, Glenolden, Pennsylvania (dmcrane)
244 5x Rudy Giarrocco Newtown sq. PA [Rudy]
241 5-x Bill McIntyre PA [Billmc]
241-2x William Crane, Glenolden, Pennsylvania (armabill)

2nd Texas
246-6X Jim Pollard. Kingsland, Texas (greybeard)
244/6X - John Day - Sunrise Beach, TX - (mrfixit)
240/8X - Stan Gibbs - Kingsland, TX - (Claybuster)
235-3x Chris Peete Arlington, TX

3rd Michigan
243-4x Mark Jones. Sault Ste. Marie, MIchigan
242-4x Leo Hedger. Barbeau, Michigan
241-2x Bill Jones. Cedarville, Michigan
238-4x Tim Haller. Sault Ste. Marie, MIchigan

4th Alaska
247 5X, John Pribbenow, Anchorage, AK
240 4X, Jim Finn, Eagle River, AK (jimfinn)
238 4X, Dick Center, Eagle River, AK
232 2X, Michael Milhollin, Anchorage, AK

5th West Region
238-2x Bud Lawry. Camas WA
238-2x Mike Maffucci. Washougal, Washington (cheatermk3)
236-5x Larry Cole. Washougal WA
229 3X, Somersett Jones, Eagle River, AK

6th East Region
242 3X Bernie Porten, Auburn, NY (autoloader) 4-4-08
237 5x Bud Feindt Brookhaven PA [ BudF ]
238-3X, Mike Johnson, Daphne,AL (sailor)
221-2x Bill Horn, Choctaw, OK (Orion2see)

7th Michigan B
241-6x Marilyn Kester. Barbeau, Michigan
228-3x Jessica Haller. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
228-1x Joe Haller Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan (Mr. Frosty)
228-2x Jim Kester. Barbeau, Michigan

8th Florida A
238-3x Tom Foshay Tampa, FL
217-0x Jack Barstow Tampa, FL
216-1x Frank Butler. Clermont, FL (FiremanFrank)
214-2x Bob Sanchez Plant City, FL

9th Michigan C
227-2x Reg Richardson. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, CANADA
220-3x Dick Wright. Harrison, Michigan
216-3x Rich Carlson. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
191-0x Rob Whitaker. Lansing, Michigan

10th Texas 2
227-2x Dale Smith Mansfield, TX (shakey)
222- 1 x Earl Dunning, Arlington, Texas (theearlof)
184-1x Steve Schultz TX ()
180-0x Bob Hezelton TX ()

11th Florida B
210-1x Diane Sanchez Plant City, FL
198-1x Dan Pietsch Davenport, FL
196-2x Brent Dwyer Kissimmee, FL
128-0x Don Staples Avon Park, FL

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I Remember . . .

Gary Anderson once said: "You will never get any better than your toughest competition". The Pennsylvania team is helping us all shoot better scores.

Another way to say it is: "They are pushing us to higher scores."

Joe :)
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