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Anyone seen one of these? (Unique Pistol Model D6)

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These really look like nicely made pistols, anyone ever seen one up close?

Found them at http://coledistributing.com/

Says: Unique pistol Model D6.Caliber 22lr.Made in Hendave,France. St.Entienne proofed.Produced in the early 1950's, Excellent like new condition. 6in. barrel.Adjustable front & rear sights. A nicely milled,all steel target pistol. Plastic target grips.This pistol is not boxed. FFL or C&R required
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Watch out for surface dings. Word has it that these were training pistols for their military officers. They were used extensively in " le drop and run " drills :D
Sorry couldn't resist

Wish I could order one myself.
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