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Anyone remember these magazines?

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I was rearranging stuff and dug this old thing up.

Old ramline 50rd magazine. I filled it up and popped off some rounds. And guess what? It didn’t jam! Admittedly, I retired it long ago because it caused my gun to be a jam o matic. Little did I know about the floppiness of the magazine back then causes that. I stretch all my mag plunger springs when assembling a new rifle or disassembling one that hasn’t had it done. Guess that did the trick! And I shot it in a stock gun I haven’t don’t anything to yet. No bolt modifications, only thing is a plunger spring stretch. I kinda wish they still made these.
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As soon as the AWB sunsetted I sold all those, replaced them with new BUTLER CREEK Steel Lips. Those, were eventually replaced with BX 25s.....I do not anticipate replacing the BXs. We have it pretty friggen good these days!
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The Butler Creek Hot Lips and Steel Lips varieties are still out there to be had from places like Midway and Gun Mag Warehouse.
I've got a buddy who runs both in his Kidd Supergrade. Have shot next to him 50 times and never seen him so much with a bobble.
Don't if that's testament to the Kidd or the mags, but that gun plain ol' runs!
I never really had any issues with the Steel Lips magazines I had. My boys shot the tar out of them until they got their MP 15/22s. As much as anything that was the reason for selling mine--they had a high cycle count on them.
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was just sitting here thinking (reminiscing) about all of the poor quality junk that was around in the that time period..I remember bolting a bunch of that crap onto the customers guns when I was working in a family friends gun shop back then...too many kids were watching shows on tv and in the movies, and wanting to be dressing up their guns (and themselves)...if I had a dollar for every flash hider, barrel sleeve, or handguard I put on a 10/22..in a way I owe my summer job for years to the likes of the A-Team, Commando, Predator, Demolition Man, and First Blood characters
Get you some USA Brand High Capacity Magazines! Yea buddy, living large now.....
oh man, we sold tons of their 30 round Mini-14 mags to guys...remember restocking those on the pegboard daily..they came in a simple clear plastic bag, with a white cardboard folded over and stapled to the top

Triple K was another big maker of magazines back then
BOTH, were hot garbage. I owned a very few, fortunately, of each, none of them ran worth a hoot, ever.....
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