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Anyone have experience working bamboo?

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I have some 2X4 pieces of laminated bamboo strips that I am considering for a stock. They are tightly glued, apparently waterproof, and rather attractive in a plain sort of way. Has anyone tried to work with a material like this? I don't know anything except that it went through the planer okay and that it cuts cleanly with a bandsaw. The pieces are a full 2X4 inches, and are large enough for a stock except for the toe, which I can glue a piece on for. The pieces are made up of about 1/8 inch strips glued horizontally(instead of vertically as a normal laminated stock), and have 3 vertically glued 3/4 inch "boards" making up the width.
This material came from a pallet from--where else?--China.
Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.

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I think I'm going to try it. Initial hits with a random orbit sander seem to have little effect on the surface, and it feels like it may turn out to be heavy for a .22mag sporter, but maybe it will keep me out of trouble for a while(maybe a long while--Last winter I finished a muzzleloader I had started sometime around 1980--but that's another story).

Thanks for the input!!
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