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Anyone found a place to get Neos grips??

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I was just wondering if there was anywhere that had the other grips available.

I've just got to get those black and grey ones to go on my INOX Neos!

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Was in my local gunshop(well the one of 5 that I prefer the most) and was looking at the NEO, Im thinking about picking one up I like the stylish modular look as compared to the Browning or Ruger models...they had a NEO in there which was New and just came in it came with blue grips on it but also had a pair of grey ones that came with it. I will ask them if they got it from thier Dist. like that or they ordered the grips seperately. While I dont remember the price of the NEO I dont feel that the price they had marked would reflect an extra pair but when questioned about them they said "yes they are included and Beretta originals unused" So I will try to find out for you all.

*If this post seems to not make any sense please forgive me as its 1047PM CST but I have been up for almost 48hrs*
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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