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Anybody have this scope/base/rings setup

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Hi everybody,

I have a Simmons 1047 (same as 1048 44mm) with T09 base and Weaver DTM high rings. As i read on the RFC forum, this set up was supposed to be OK, but 1/32 is missing to clear the big AO ring.

My question is: Should i buy a Millet or a PC base or should i go with Extra High mounts??

Thanks a lot.

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At this point, the easiest way out would be to replace the scope mounting base:
"Power Custom": _ .432" high
"Weaver" TO-9 : ~ .125" high
Difference: _______.307" gain :)

I have the WTC18 [6.5 - 20X 50mm AO] over a TO-9 base with EXTRA High DTM rings. Its AO bell is 63mm in diameter, and the #1047 is 59.8mm....! ! We're talking ~ 1/16" difference in height required between the two scopes....! !
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