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I had this gun many many ears ago as a kid (it was my 1st given to me new) and I was pleasantly surprised that it survived and recently came my way again after being long forgotten. Still looks brand new! It's a:

Springfield Model 234 by Savage Arms C233931

It's a bolt action w/ a rather plain jane dark brown stained (more like painted) stock. It has A 5 shot clip (& an extra 10 shot clip) and a little rinky diny Savage Springfield branded 4X15 scope (Tasco I'm pretty sure) which will go and not be missed. Other than some sentimental value - nothing really special here.

Few Questions:

When was this model made between?

Can the date of manufacture be determined by the S#? (if memory serves it was purchased new in the mid-70s)

What model did this grow into or get replaced by? - the current Mark II-Gxx looks same/similar in many ways but the pix on their site are rather smallish.

I remember it jammed on occasion but then when we were kids back then we were using the absolute cheapest, wax coated bulk ammo too. Nothing obvious comes to mind but have there been any notable changes or improvements in Savage bolt actions in the past 25 years? And are replacement stocks available for the Mark II or other Savage that may potentially fit?

My guess is that this is a good entry level basic middle of the road average all around bolt action .22. Am I off the mark there?

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