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Anybody else had a CMMG firing pin break on them?

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The 22LR firing pin, specifically, in either the dedicated 22LR upper or the conversion?

Just curious since I recently had it happen to mine for the second time. The first breakage was right around 4,000 rounds. No biggie, the firing pin is $15 on their website. Replaced it and continued until the replacement broke, once again after right around 4,000 rounds. Ordered another one and replaced. I emailed CMMG about it after the first breakage but never heard back from them. Both times the firing pin broke right in the middle where it's got the cutout for the retaining pin.

They have upgraded their bolt since then though, it now has a cotter pin retaining the firing pin rather than a retaining pin that you had to use a punch on. I really like their uppers except for the firing pin thing. The first upper I got had a parkerized bolt with a receiver plate that broke after about 4,000 rounds; the 2nd bolt I got (stainless) has been almost flawless with probably only 4 or 5 malfunctions in 8,000 rounds ... except for breaking it's firing pin twice.

I do accidentally dry fire it sometimes at the range since I don't bother counting how many rounds I've fired and often stop at the click. Could just be user error. Just wondered if this has been happening to anyone else.

Oh yeah, my other complaint with the company is their shipping policy. You can order a $1 extractor spring on their website that could easily fit in an envelope and they'll charge you $10 for shipping :confused:
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Achisson firing pins break from to time to time, though is rare.
When I used my Ciener kit in a stock RRA lower I experienced a broken firing pin about every 4000 rounds. I was shooting at least 1000 22's a month so I broke several firing pins. I switched lowers and started using a RRA NM trigger which seemed to be easier on firing pins. I figure I can get at least 10 to 12000 rounds out of a firing pin with the NM trigger. I know some people have broken RRA NM triggers while shooting a lot of 22's but fortunately I haven't had any trigger/hammer or hammer pin problems in my dedicated 22's.
I'm using a RRA lower but with just the standard trigger and hammer. I'm just glad CMMG sells all the individual parts on their website (otherwise this upper would have been a $350 paperweight less than 6 months after I'd bought it). I've been wanting a Sig 522 but haven't found where on Sig's website they sell all the bolt parts.

Do Ruger 10/22s break firing pins very often?
I own a Ciener and CMMG Kit so I try to have at least one extra firing pin on hand at any given time. Even with having to buy a firing pin from time to time it is still not hard to swap out a broken firing pin. I still enjoy shooting the AR 22's and not just because it's cheaper than centerfire cartridges.
Since CMMG has a lifetime warranty, a phone call or filling out the form on the web site would have got you a replacement. I have over 18000 rounds on my M4 LE and recently replaced the firing pin because it was wore down.
Dave N
Did not know that, thanks!

BTW, don't get me wrong, I'm in no way bashing CMMG's dedicated 22LR uppers. I've got two of them, one with irons and one wearing a 2-7x Burris, with right around 14000 rounds between them. I really like the ammo price and the fact that mags can be had for as little as $12 each currently. I also like that CMMG sells all the individual parts on their website. I was looking at a Sig 522 but haven't found the part of their website where they sell the parts yet, which worries me.
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