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Benchrest Rifle Club of St. Louis Proposed 2009 Rules
Outlaw Benchrest

Factory Sporter/ 10/22 Class

This class is intended to be inclusive allowing by price rifles into the Anschutz 1416 class and customized by owner 10/22’s.
Weight must not exceed 8.5 lbs with scope or iron sights attached.
Rifle can not cost over $800. Excludes optics cost.

Free floating the barrel and glass/pillar bedding is allowed. Upward pressure on the barrel with shims/glass is allowed. Tuners at the muzzle or screw type tuners in the stock are not allowed. Any labor charge by a gunsmith will not be included in the $800.00 limit.

Triggers must be safe. Trigger tuning is allowed. Aftermarket triggers or parts are allowed if the cost of trigger/parts, when added to the blue book value of the rifle, does not exceed $800.00. Any labor charge by a gunsmith will not be included in the $800.00 limit.

Any iron or scopes sights are legal.

Gun may be rebarreled.

For 10/22’s any stock can be used. No stock tape allowed,

For Bolt Action Sporters, Stock must be 2.25" or under at its widest point. No stock tape allowed. Any area of the stock that comes in contact with front and rear sandbags must be convex. ( Convex will be determined by placing a penny on the stock where convex shaping is required. The outer edges of the penny can not come in contact with the stock in the dimension being measured). There must be visible space underneath the outer edges of the penny. If the outer edges of the penny exceed the width of the dimension in question the area must be clearly convex to the referees. The underside of the forend that contacts the sandbag must be convex across the entire width.

No metal accuracy assets may be attached to the forend of stocks in this class.

Target Rifle- this class is intended to encourage the use of Small Bore Prone Vintage rifles such as the Remington 40x, Winchester 52, H & R Model12, Anschutz Super Match 54. Suhls, Cooper Rifles, Volstocks and CM-2’s.

Made for Benchrest Rifles such as the Anschutz BR50 in either 2013 or 1907 actions are prohibited. 64 Action BR guns are allowed as well as are the MPR Anschutz.

1. All guns will be wood stocked: stock factory.
2. Gun may be rebarreled but must maintain original factory contour.
3. Guns must not have replacement triggers except with factory original offered equipment.

Match Rules: Ammunition Value: 22 Long Rifle Rimfire ammunition must not exceed $8.00 per box of 50 or $80.00 per brick of 500, before transportation or taxes. Based on Champion’s Choice or Champion Shooter”s Supply prices.

Feed Back

I thinking about taking this on as Match Director


Thanks Joe Haller for your input.

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i know it sounds funny but i dont think an $800 10/22 is gonna hang. needs to be like a $1000 or perhaps a bit more.

Kidd trigger $300
Lilja or like barrel $350
stock cheap 10/22 $200

you are already WAY over and not even close to being done as far as $$$ goes.
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