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Any manufacturer offer a 10/22 polygonal barrel?

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Thread title says it all really.

In case anybody doesn't know what it is, it's a smooth polygon shaped bore that twists like rifling, but has no sharp lands or deep grooves. It offers, improved accuracy, less friction, higher velocity, less heat buildup, and less fouling, but the barrel will cost more.

Anyone know any manufacturers that are producing one for the 10/22?
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On the left side of home page is a blue area and one topic is Value Guns, if clicked it takes you to detail pages for barrels, slides etc. Click barrel or :


Try this :D Note on the cutaway they actually show one of the newer rifled barrels but most of the high end Kahrs are polygon. Anyway not to change the subject but I got my Kahr when they first came out and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. This is my bedside companoin and fits my smallish hands better than any other gun that I would bet my life on.
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