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Antique Remington? Model 12C NRA Target

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Antique Remington? Model 12C NRA Target

Has any one seen a site on the net that deals with older guns?
A friend of mine came by yesterday afternoon with a Remington model 12C NRA Target Model. It's a neat older gun, made around 1925, all seems to be there. Lyman Tang rear sight and front globe sight. Also has a set of mounts for a sling. They attach to the pistol grip at the rear, and is part of the magazine tube mount in the front.
It looks to be about 80-85% finish wise. A grey looking patina, is the color of most of the metal. The butt stock is the worst with some splitting being present. Not bad, but not good either. The forestock is worn some from use.
Bore seems bright. Rifling good.
Anybody have a clue what a older gun like this is worth?
It's a neat old rifle, good and tight, looks like you could still shoot it a bit with standard velocity ammo., as he had shot it with .22 shorts.
Thanks, Andy
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I personally havn't seen a Rem NRA, but it sounds like a neat ol' rifle. The only one I've seen is a Savage NRA. They are fine shooters. and worth around 225.00 to 350.00 depending on the condition. Maybe Big Mike will chime in with some values for the Rem. I couldn't hazard a guess.........


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Remington Model 12C NRA Target


Remington Model 12C NRA Target: Limited Production, .22LR cal., slide action, hammerless, 24" octagon barrel, target sights, plain grip walnut stock with steel rifle butt plate, 5 1/2 pounds.

Some typical values: ["Blue Book of Gun Values", 20th Ed.]
100% = $800. [NIB]
_98% = $750.
_95% = $650.
_90% = $550.
_80% = $450.
_70% = $400.
_60% = $350.

The Model 12 was also made in an A [Standard], B [.22 Short] [Special], D [Peerless], E [Expert], and F [Premier] grades.

Hope this helps....! ! :)

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Thanks Big Mike, I think :) . I believe what you posted just about pushed me over the edge to ownership. I have a Blue book, but it is at least 10 years old, and values have increased quite abit.
I feel like these old guns are getting harder to come by, and should be snatched up when available, and the money is present.
Thanks again, you also JL, Andy :t
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