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Anschutz observation

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When researching the purchase of a 17hmr I considered info from my brother who has an Anschutz 22 that he said is a tack driver. Then checked Rimfirecentral and other sites for rifle info. What I noticed most was that you don't find many people modifying Anschutz rifles. It seems they may be the best out-of-the-box rifle for the money that you can get. I purchased the 1517. Is this a view shared by other Anschutz owners?
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That view is shared by at least myself. The 1517 appears on the surface to more expensive. However, as you say it's good to go right out of the box. No trigger jobs,etc., needed. Just clean off the packing grease and shoot. I'm don't want to slam anyone's choice of rifle, but I personally don't want to have to rebuild a rifle just to make it shoot.

And if appearance means anything........well,you get the idea.

I was so impressed with my 1517, that I traded my .22 mag in for a used Anschutz .22 mag.
I think you are partly correct. They are good as they come. There is another reason too I think. 10-22's, 77-22's, and I think the sako finfires have clamped in barrels. This makes them an easy changeout for the tinkerer. Anschutz rifles (except the 2000 series) are not quite that easy to rebarrel.

my Anschutz 1717D. Yes, good to go right out of the box, tight groups, good trigger, great fit and finish.

Definitely an intangible about this rifle: it's just better.
No to offend, but my 1517 MPR needed work when I first got it.

(And maybe that's WHY I got it...I got the feeling it wasn't shooting that well for the first owner, but he said he just decided he "didn't need a 17"...)

Problem was that the wood around one of the 'bedding pillars' was cracked, and around the other one there was a chip missing.

I elected to circumvent this problem, rather than repair it, and just put some epoxy under the receiver, and the first inch of barrel.
Sure shoots great now!

(I have four 17 HMR rifles. The Anschutz might take a Match between them, but it would be a nail-biter.)
My 1517 is the best out of the box rifle I have ever owned. The only thing I have done is adjust the trigger (made it into a single stage) with the supplied screwdriver. The Redfield SR-153 bases and rings are an excellent match for this rifle. I topped it off with a Zeiss 4.5-14X44 scope and I have shot some groups with this thing that have blown me away.
I have poured a ton of money into my 10/22 just to get it to shoot good groups. For what I spent, I could have bought myself another Anschutz. Oh well, live and learn.

I was thinking just this earlier this week. With the two I have
you just take 'em and shoot 'em. There isn't much you have
worrying you to change. Everything just seems good. If anything
I probably haven't wrung out the best of them because getting
real good results is so easy. Only other rifle I have felt this
way about is a Steyr I have.
Bob in Michigan

Man you're not going to offend anybody stating your experience. All manufacturers have some problems and yours may or may not have originated at the factory.

The important thing is you got a handle on it and fixed it.

Good luck and good shooting.
If you go Anschutz, your going the best way for out of box accuracy. But I have seen guys put over $5000.00 in an Anschutz
to shoot this day and time in bechrest competition to be competitive. Not trying to make the CZ guys mad , but stay away from them if you want to shoot against others with Anschutz and win. The CZ's are good, but they can't beat an Anschutz on there worst day. If you are going to just shoot by yourself and want to plink at cans get an el cheapo, but if you want to blister your friends butt at the range go with the Anschutz. One last thing top the gun off with a Leupold EFR 6.5-20X scope to make the gun even better. (Can I say, "Anschutz one more time, Anschutz,Anschutz,Anschutz). ;)
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