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anschutz exemplar pistols

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i took my exemplar 22 lr pistol out yesterday to try some wolf match target in it. first i took the 1.5x4 tasco scope off and replaced it with a burris 3x9 scope off another pistol. i knew the exemplar was capable of small groups, it just needed more scope than the tasco. i fired a few shots to get the scope dialed in and to foul the barrel. all shooting was off my truck hood using an outers pistol perch rest.... not the best rest to test accuracy with but it was hot and i didn't wanna drag the sandbags out. i was shooting 50 yards at a bull about the size of a half dollar with a 1/8" center dot. the first 5 round group i shot was one hole in an arc right above the center dot. it measured .30 if i measured it correctly. ( measured outside to outside of group at widest point and subtracted bullet diameter measured at .221 to get the .30 group.) i fired 10 five round groups and averaged .42 for the target. i also tried 2 five round groups of remington eley ammo that i had in the truck. it printed a bit high right but still one ragged hole. these guns are extremely capable shooters and it will outshoot many rifles. now to try it off a solid rest........

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could you provide a little more info on that gun? action, barrel length, price, where you got it etc. A photo would be very cool. Thanks a lot, Gordon Gauge
anschutz pistols

hi gordon gauge,
i have had my anschutz exemplar pistol since the mid 90's. i had a ffl friend order it for me. the gun is built on the 64 action, it has a 5 round detachable magazine, and the walnut wood is stippled on the grip and forearm. it has a 10" barrel that came with really nice target sights, but it has been scoped since i got it. the two stage trigger is fully adjustable, and comes factory set at 9.85 ounces. it really is a tack driver, without a doubt the most accurate handgun i have ever owned or shot. when i first got the gun and mounted a scope on it i was shooting the tops off dandelions at 35 yards with ease. there is another version with a 14" barrel for metallic silhouette shooting and they advertized them in 22 hornet also but i don't think the hornet was ever made. i have killed blackbirds at 100 yards with my gun from a rest. it's almost hard to miss with it. ya just gotta shoot one to see what i mean. they are really awesome shooters. i have a picture of my gun but don't know how to post it here. i can email you a picture or if somone can post it for me i would appreciate it alot. thanks............

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thanks for the reply. I had the guys at my local shop check into getting one for me. Not on CA's approved list :mad: . I can't freakin' have one! Gotta go, just bit a piece off my tongue. GG
the approved list

gordon gauge,
you gotta be kiddin' me, not on the approved list?? thats ridiculous. why on earth would it be banned? its sure not a gun thats gonna be used in a drive by shooting or any other criminal act. can you purchase one from a private individual legally? seems like i read where t/c contenders were banned also except for private sales in state. a private sale might be an option for you to find an exemplar. just curious if the gun shop gave you a price on the gun. have prices risen on them since i bought my gun? good luck finding an exemplar, and i will get a pic posted of my gun for you. sorry, but CA. isn't on my "approved" list of places i'd wanna live. i hope it never comes to the point where i can't buy what i want here in illinois.

Yeah, they have a drop test requirement to see if the gun will go off if dropped from a certain height. They make the manufacturer submit the gun, pay a fee, and each and every model has to pass such as blue and stainless, 4 " or 6" barrel, etc. It's really onerous, and they have to do it every year. Just another rung on the ladder towards eventual outright ban and confiscation. Sucks for us. GG

What's up Bud?

Here's some information on Sparky's Exemplar.

Beautiful Gun!!!

It has a Bushnell 3-9X scope on it. The factory trigger weight is 9.85oz. and it is an all-around beautiful gun! The 2 groups pictured were with Wolf Match Target. The one on the left is 5 shots at 50yds. and the one on the right is 10 shots at 50 yards.

Great Shooting Sparky44! And, Congratulations on the great shooting, beautiful gun!

(Did Gordon put you up to this? That way, I'd pay attention to some Anschutz's? Hehe ;) )
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viper, thanks alot for posting the pic for me. you might wanna check into the exemplar viper, its a great shooter.
thanks again,

Viper / sparky44,

thanks for the pix, now at least I can see the forbidden fruit. Viper - not on the CA approved list :mad: . I can't have one. 'course if someone who will remain nameless could.........oh never mind, some anti would snitch or use this as fodder for the "ban all guns" campaign. Can't have a TC either, and both of these guns are just begging for a .17 barrel. Nurtz. GG
Had a chance to buy a used one a few years ago - after reading the posts here I wish I would have! NIce shooting , sparky! Nice pic also!
452 shooter,
yep, you probably should have bought the used exemplar. it really is a great gun. i think the new exemplars come with synthetic stocks now, not sure if wood is even an option anymore.
i have owned a bunch of guns and this is one of very few i will never part company with. and to clarify a mistake in one of my other posts, the exemplar was made in 22 hornet, but 22 mag was advertized but never made. i had it backasswards. sorry for the mistake.

While I was drooling over the Exemplar I was shown the test target also - the guy at the gun shop told me first that it was a 10 shot 25 yard target and I said it was ok but not that all that great for the distance. I then read it was a 50 meter test target which was very impressive!

It is still my goal to one day own an Anschutz - probably will be a rifle on the 54 action. As of now -still in search of that "perfect" rimfire.
452 shooter,
my gun came with a target like that too. one ragged hole fired with rws ammo. pretty impressive for a handgun....
i have a anschutz 54 for sale in the for sale or trade section if you are wanting one. i might include shipping at the price i have on the gun but thats about the best i can do on it.

I know I am digging this up but I just got here. :D

SParky44, they did make a .22 Hornet version of the Exemplar, I have one. I bought it and a .22 LR Exemplar when I was stationed in Germany. The .22 Hornet version is just like your .22 LR version but it is built on a left handed 54 action. I put a Burris 2x7 pistol scope on it and it is an awesome shooter just like the .22 LR version.

thanks a lot for opening an old wound :D . And then pouring salt in it by divulging that it's a left hand model (drool). I gotta figure out some kinda end run around this problem :confused: GG
my exemplar....

i have one just like the photo a few posts up but mine has the left hand bolt for right handed shooters. it may seem odd, but that way you dont have to release your grip to reload.

mine is super accurate and outshoots most of my friends rifles. not to mention its just fun to shoot.

when i bought mine about 5 years ago i paid $375.

Exemplars, and their replacement 64P models, are the best rimfire hunting handguns ever made, period. Deadly accurate with the best trigger ever on a rimfire hunting handgun. Here are some of mine. I now have the new Warne series 7.3 rings on the scoped guns. I replaced the Millets shown in the top photo. The three in the top photo are all .22LRs. The bottom photo is a .22WRM. I just ordered a 64P in .17HRM. The right bolt/left bolt thing doesn't bother me. I am right handed and can shoot either just fine. The newer 64Ps are right bolt only. Anschutz, in an attempt to economize, decided to standardize the 64 action on the right hand design.
Here's the new .17HMR I just picked up today. Note the 12" barrel and the large black knob on the bolt handle. It is also drilled and tapped for scope mounts, not iron sights like the other models.
Anschutz .17 Exemplar

I can buy one of these for a reasonable price, and I would like to try the .17 for target shooting and "long range" squirrel hunting. I have had a couple of the guns in the past and I have never been fond of the tip-off ring set up. I cannot remember, can the receiver be fitted with bases- Weaver style?

Can sling swivels be fitted so that I may use a sling?


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