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Anschutz 64 MPR

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I purchased an Anschutz 64 MPR about a year ago and am still looking for ammo that it will shoot consistently (I believe I've tried just about all the good stuff i.e., Lapua, Eley etc.). Am seeking advice from other MPR owners and what their rifles seem to like? I've been concerned about over torqueing the action screws and am wondering if this could be part of my consistency problem - I've always just snugged them up. Tonight I tried some Lapua Master L (which I've tried before with less than stellar results) in addition to truly tightening up the action screws (no inch pounds torque wrench just a large screw driver). It shot better than it ever has - did it just need the action screws snugged up very firmly? Does anyone know what a good torque setting would be in inch pounds?

Thank you.
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All of my guns like Wolf ME. It's amazing, but it shoots well in all of them, and everyone knows how fickle .22's can be for ammo. :)

I set all of my Annies at 38-40 inch/lbs, even though Anschutz recomnends 5 newton/meters, which is about 42 inch/lbs.

I started all my guns around 30-32 inch/lbs or so when testing them with all the different ammo's, and went up from there. I have come to settle in at 38-40 for all of them right now. Cooper is at 38, the wood-stocked Annie 54.18 is at 40, fiberglass stocked 54.18 is at 38, Finnfire is at 38, and the Annie 1717D is at 38.

They shoot better at the higher settings, and it seems the manufacturers agree. But I always use the lowest setting they shoot well at, so as not to compress the wood or anything like that. ;)

Anschutz recommends 42, Cooper recommends 43-45, and I just received an Email from McMillan yesterday, they recommend 35-40 for their fiberglass stocks.

Have fun. :)
My 64 MPRs like Wolf also, except I use the Match Target. I torqued my bedding screws at 30 in/lbs, and it shoots in the .400" area. I have not gone tighter, but it might even shoot better. I am satisfied with the Wolf M/T and my torque setting. It is a great rifle.
My 64 MSR stacks wolf MT on top...

of each other. The 1416 I have hates Wolf and likes Federal Target and CCI Hollow Points (go figure that). The CCI HP's wouldn't compete for any titles, but are great for hunting (.5"-6").

I've never torqued the screws other than by hand and to a firm degree. Don't own a torque wrench.

The MSR has a tighter chamber than the 1416 HB.
I just got home from the range today and took my 64 MPR and my torque set. I posted earlier about torquing to 30 in/lb and getting about half inch 5 shot groups at 55 yards. Today I torqued the two bedding screws to 35 in/lbs and came up with a .366" 5 shot group at 55 yards. I think it can do better too, cause today was a bit windy and it was raining. I love Anschutz!!! Happy Shooting!
My 64 MPR i have the screws hand tight and shoot wolf MT and i am very happy with the groups. This is my ir5050 gun and i am averging scores of 240+ every match so i am quite happy with it!!!
I do appreciate all the excellent info!

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