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Anschutz 22 Mag.

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Can anyone tell me the sequence for tightening the action screws for one of these? It is a model 1515/16 with a 64 action made in 1974. Would it help to float the barrel and bed the action or would this be a waste of money? I cannot get better than 3/4 of an inch at 50 yards. I have tried Winchester 40 grain HP and Ruko And CCI. I have a straight 22 anschutz made in 1968 and it drives tacks, same action. Any ideas? Regards Gerald
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Many 22 mags are not all that accurate it seems. ;)

I would snug them both down, then torque the front first and do them both at 34-36 inch/lbs....

The barrel should already be fully floated if it's an Annie, unless the earlier ones were different??

Also, try some Remington 33 grain Accu tip, lots of folks like that stuff...
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