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Anschutz 1517 D HB - For Sale

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Hello: I have a NIB Anshcutz Mod 1517 D HB .17 HMR that I would like to sell, this is the very hard to find heavy barrel, I just received it and only opened the box, I'm selling the rifle for the amount of $ I have in it $595 + ship, Have another project going that I need the $ for, send me an email if you'd like this dandy varminter. Thanks
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1517D HB

Hi Stan: I do have the 1517D HB. I reduced the price to $585 + $20 to cover my expenses and shipping. That is the amount I have in the rifle and I'm just recovering the money invested. Let me know if you're still interested in the rifle. It's a dandy and I know you would'nt be disappointed.
I have that exact same rifle and I think that you are about to make a huge mistake. I have shot some unbelievable groups with mine and have never been let down by it's accuracy. The trigger is easy to adjust and mine has been set up like a single stage that breaks like an icicle. It is the only gun that I have not had to buy an accesory or trigger job to set it up the way I expected the gun should be. Someone is about to get the deal of the century.
1517 D HB

Walking Point: I totally agree with everything you posted. The 1517D HB IS a great rifle. Without going into a long story this rifle is a second rifle (wanted one and ended up with 2) hence, I'm only selling to recover expenses. Thanks

What action does this gun have?

Steve V.,
Since you already have one, I guess I can't fault you too much for selling the other one. That is a very good price. I paid about $70.00 more for mine and knowing what a shooter it is, I consider it a bargain. My best 3 shot group at 50 yds was in the .10's with an avg of .35 (10 - 3 shot groups) not too shabby for a factory rifle. Every time I shoot this rifle, I end my session with a smile. That is what shooting should be about!
1517D HB

Thanks for all your replies. The 1517D HB has been sold. The gentleman who bought it will have one fine rifle!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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