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Another Satisfied Henry Customer

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I had the misfortune of having my Henry H003T pump action .22 lr break on my third trip to the range. The pin connecting the forearm to the action snapped off. I sent an e-mail to Henry that afternoon asking how I could get it fixed. The next morning (Sunday), I had a reply from Anthony Imperato appologizing for the problem and telling me he would send me a pre-paid shipping label to ship the gun back to the factory. Three weeks later I have my repaired rifle back in my possession. Henry even put a couple of protective gun socks over the receiver cover and the end of the stock. The rifle looks great and now it functions great as well. The only complaint is that I wasn't notified that the rifle had been shipped. I was surprised to find the box in my foyer when I got home. Luckily, my daughter had stopped by the house for something just as the UPS driver arrived. Otherwise, no one would have been home to receive it. I whole heartedly recommend Henry Repeating Arms. They make a great rifle for the money and they have prompt and responsive customer service.
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Have to completely agree, Henry is very good with customer support. They have now sent me a replacement rifle after an attempted repair and both times they covered shipping both ways.

As far as notification about a return shipment. UPS has made a call to my home to verify a delivery date and giving the tracking number. Adult signature required of course.

Great gun maker to deal with! Ruger and Mossberg also seem to be very helpful except Mossberg doesn't cover initial shipping.
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