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Got to the range again this morning, not perfect conditions. Wind was in a variable 4-5 mph range when I got there at 10:30 and 9mph when I left at Noon. It was coming from about 7:00. I was down with Covid for 2 weeks, but I'm negative now and I was chomping at the bit to get out, wind or no wind.

I made some simple changes in bedding the action in my Boyd's stock and it seems to make a difference, consistency wise. I'll cover that in another post it anyone is interested.

Started off with a clean barrel and TAC 22. Shot some sighters to reset the scope. Didn't seem to like the Norma as much today as it had previously. Shot about 50 rds most at 50yds but some at a 100 target too. Nothing to write home about.

Switched over to SK Pistol Match Special, no cleaning just 5 sighters and onto the first dot. Happy with those.

Next was SK Special Plus then SK Rifle Match. What can I say, she likes SK.

Then ended the 50yds with 10 rounds of Lapua Center-X.

Finished up shooting some SK PMS at the 100 target but it was getting breezy, plus a couple of AR shooters had arrived. I think they were trying to see how fast they could empty 30rd mags.... 馃檳

Now I'll have to see if my FV can hold its accuracy until the next time. Maybe I'll give that LimbSaver dampener a try...

I figure I've got under $700 in the whole setup. I'm happy with that for something I just punch holes in paper with simply to have fun.
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Iwould like to see what you did with bedding your Boyds stock, as I'm in the process of doing the same.
It's was a simple two step process. It seems to have improved my consistency over a day at the range. Will it continue? Have to wait and see.

If bedding is to transfer vibration to and be dampened by the stock, contact is important. The Mkii and Boyds stock doesn't lend itself to normal bedding and I'm not sure just pillars is the answer. I'd seen people refer to using aluminum tape to bed other rifles. Didn't have any but I did have some black Gaffers tape. Thought, Hey, what do I have to lose. So I laid in tape where the action contacts the stock. I thought it would fill in any low spots and dampen harmonics, which it seems to have done?

My other problem was keeping a consistent torque on the action screws at low setting. I'm using the DIP long screws along with their metal plate. The fit of the screws to the treads in the action pillars is very sloppy. They won't stay tight at low torque and too much torque can break the stock. I had tried blue Locktite but once you break it loose to adjust, it's loose. Between firing and bolt action they loosen.

I had some VC-3 I'd gotten with a different gun and it looked like it would hold. It does, even after adjusting. Next time I'll experiment more with torque settings now that I know they will hold through a day.

I also added 3.5 oz of lead to the forestock.

Now, I'm not a gunsmith or any kind of expert builder/shooter. I think, I experiment, I change, I test. I'm sure there are many technical reasons why what I did shouldn't work. Since it's so simple it would be great if someone would try to duplicate it and see if they get improvements.

Would be nice if I got a few low/no wind days to test also.

I used an Allen gun rest/vice I bought on clearance at Walmart for $7. Trying to remove 71 year old me out of the equation as much as I could but it's not really stable. Not sure it's much better (or any) than a bipod and rear bag. Would love to see what a quality shooter could do with my FV.

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Working on testing torque for action screws.

I've got a few shooting techniques I need to sort out. I catch myself focused on what's in the scope image and not noticing I'm doing something different, grip, pressure, trigger.

Next time I'll using SK Standard Plus and Rife Match
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