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another...couple questions...

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Whats better for .22 rimfire rifle for target shooting...i've read that hollow points are most reccommended. and what literally is the differance between High, Low, and Standard velocities?
and...my savage mkII target is pretty accurate...but i want to make it a tack driver, the barrel is free floated, what else can i do, i know of glass bedding and a new trigger would start things off, but what else?
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All of the "match" .22 ammo I know of is a solid round nose (except the new Eley EPS with it's little bump). Jacketed match bullets for centerfires are hollowpoints because it's easier to make a uniform bullet by wrapping the jacket from base to tip than from tip to base. Makes no difference on the plain lead bullets.

Standard vs. High Velocity is pretty much whatever the marketing guy wants to call it. Most "match" ammo would be "standard velocity" because they want the bullet to stay subsonic.

A good trigger would be the first step I'd take. Quality barrel with match chamber would be a good idea, but I don't know how hard that is on a Savage. Might want to check out the Savage forum below.

Hand lapping a barrel is basically polishing it with a plug cast to the bore. It's something that's done by top barrel makers, but has to be done before the barrel is cut and chambered. Doing it to a finished barrel would just make the throat and muzzle end bigger and make it shoot worse. At the barrel factory they cut off the ends and use the uniformly polished middle part.

I don't think polishing the bolt and face will do anything, but having the bolt face trued up to the action and the headspace set might.
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