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Ammo Test: Accuracy and Terminal Performance

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Ammo Accuracy Test

I posted this on the Winchester thread , but realized it would be of better benefit here in the ammo thread. I tested a new 9422 legacy with the following ammo.

Ammo: CCI Maxi-Mag +V
Velocity: 2250 Ave. @ 90 F.
Small Grp: .25"
Large Grp: 3/4"
Note: Had several 3 shot groups that touched at 75 yds.

Ammo: Winchester Super-X 40gr FMJ
Velocity: 1914 Ave. @ 90 F.
Small Grp: .5"
Large Grp: 1"
Note: Same thing, had several 3 shot groups printed on top of each other, but two shots out of the five would open up the group.

Honorable mention goes to Winchester Super-X Hollow points and Maxi-Mag. These two would always hover around the 1" group size at both ranges, but I wasn't able to get them to touch like the CCI + V or the Super-X 40 FMJ.

I didn't have time to see if group size would change with magazine tube capacity. Task for the next session. The rear semi-buckhorn sight will probably be replaced with a ORH ghost ring. I could get good groups off the sand bags, but walking around and shooting was much more difficult. Especially if I have a light source behind me, it fuzzes up the rear sight.