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Well I went on an abbreviated ammo safari yesterday. Went to Academy, Dicks and the new local gun shop that specializes in self defense/tactical but has a decent ammo selection. I did not have any one thing in mind but was thinking I had seen CCI Standard Velocity last time I was there for $3 a box. The other ammo I really wanted to find was the new CCI "Quiet" with 22 lr 40 grain bullet at around 750 fps. Sadly no one had any:(:(


One thing I found that was good was every stop had Remington Subsonics in the square plastic 100 box. Some times this ammo is hard to find around here and all my rifles like it to some degree or another and a couple treat it almost like cheaper match stuff. Mainly my wifes Marlin M99M1 just loves the stuff and runs like a sewing machine on it. She does not shoot often but when she does I really want her to not have any issues. I did not buy any yet as I still have about two bricks but it maybe time to add a bit as starting Saturday she has nine days of and has already said we should go to the range at least once or twice. I forget the name of the stuff but Remington has a new ammo out in a green and bright red box of about 300 per. They also had just about every Winchester product except 333. The not only had Dynapoints that I have not seen in a couple years but they even had CB Match!! I had also not seen Exspurts for a while and they had a lot of those I think because they could not sell those nasty things. Last but not least they had CCI Green Tag and they were very proud of them at a penny short of $16 per hundred!! Holy Guacamole that is $80 a brick! You can buy some some VERY serious match ammo for that much money!! Every time I have compared them to CCI SV there was little to no difference. I was sorely tempted to give them one more try with one hundred but I can buy some SERIOUS ammo for that money next time I stop by Champions Choice (just 20 minutes from home:D).


Well I had sort of struck out so far on the CCI SV with only the Gunshop having any and they just had a few boxes of 50 for $3. Dick's had a pretty poor selection but they did have BRICKS of SV at $27.99. Not much else except the Win 333 I have been meaning to try because some of you have had good luck with them. I ONLY HAD TO WAIT FOR 25 MINUTES FOR SOME EMPLOYEE TO GET CLOSE ENOUGH FOR ME TO YELL AT!!:mad::eek::mad: The first words out of his mouth were " I sure hope you want ammo because I do not know anything about those guns!"

Not to worry I was not interested in any of their guns. Told the guy I wanted a brick of CCI SV. First he picked up Mini Mags and I said "Not those the SV" so then he grabbed a 50 round box and I quietly directed him to the 500 round brick. He was a nice young guy but when I told him that I wanted one of the ten bricks or so they had he looked at me like I might be a little disturbed.

I then told him I saw a very cool camping chair that was on Clearance but the only one I saw was the display. "No problem we can sell you the display" . Of course the display was zip tied to the shelf and he mumbled something about going to get a box cutter. I told him I had a knife but he walked off any way. Out came a razor sharp Kershaw Leek and down came the chair in less than 10 seconds. I am still walking with a cane from February knee rupture so being out of hands I asked him to walk it up to the register for me. When we got there it got even funnier (I prefer to deal with these things with humor rather than getting mad). Now he had to figure out how to fold it. By now a crowd including the Manager had showed up. The poor kid was at a loss. I had never seen a chair like this either. It has the collapsible like those soft armed chairs (I can not use those because of my back I can not get out of them). I pointed out to the young man the chair had two latches in the back that had to do something. Wal la!! Anyway it still took him another 5 minutes to fold the chair (with my directions) and get it in the carrying case. He thanked me for my help and I said "Gee maybe you guys ought to hire me"! Nervous laughter all around:p:p

Well I did get my SV and a really cool $50 chair for $27 and it was pretty funny if you choose to see the world that way.

I do. I am pretty sure I am going back for at least two more bricks of SV but next time IU am going to be prepared to hunt down someone to help rather than politely standing at the counter for 25 minutes:rolleyes:;)

Tomorrow I am going to Franklin TN where Agoetz2005 works at a Wood Craft store. I am going to pick up a chunk of the same Bubinga that my "Special Rifle" is stocked in...I have a project or two planned for the matching wood. Just a couple little things you know;):bthumb:

While down there I will stop by a gunshop and THE BEST WalMart in the known world if you like guns and ammo.

Safari II tomorrow:bthumb:
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I got my CCI "Quiet" in Franklin, TN going to a gun store I generally avoid. They are expensive and I caught them trying to cheat me on the sale of rings for my CZ 527 a few years ago. Ammo was $5.99 a box.

I do not order ammo on line because betwwen WalMart, Dick's and Academy I can almost always find my "cheap" ammo and Champion's Choice carries every match ammo known of and they are less than 20 min away and are great folks to deal with.

Next week my wife is off all week and she wants to go shooting so that will be fun. She only goes a couple times a year at most so I really look forward to these times. I gave her (or more accurately she appropriated my Marlin Model 99M1 and she really like it) Speaking of ammo that little rifle loves Remington SubSonics which is the only Remington ammo I will shoot. Seems like every gun I own at least likes it and several of them think if is match ammo:rolleyes::D:bthumb:

Range report after we go. We may even go twice:D:D
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