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Ammo Problems Solved

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After a dismal session at the State Championships last week where I was getting a lot of failure-to-fires with my Ruger/Volquartsen Black Mamba I decided to sell the offending ammo and go back to my basic fodder, CCI Blazer 40 grainers.

I was getting 3 - 5 failures with Eley Action Plus. It's good ammo but just won't work in my gun. A shooter for Eley says it may be because my chamber is too tight for it. Rounds weren't going fully into battery and when hit with the firing pin it was just driving them forward. The second hit and the ammo would all go off. Not good when shooting Steel Challenge matches. Under the clock, mistakes like that really hurt one's times.

Today I went back to Blazers and fired 200 rounds with no problems. I switched to CCI-SV, Norma and Federal HV and again every shot when bang on the first try. I guess it really was the ammo causing my problem.

I'm now very happy and know my gun and ammo combination works.


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CCI Tactical is also good ammo , slightly more accurate in my guns than the blazers-- which I love !! If you can get some of that try it . It has been 100% for me !
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