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Ammo preferrence on Malin 60, lead or copper?

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I'm curious about recommendations for 22lr ammo for my Marlin 60SB. I seem to remember reading something with regards to the micro-groove rifling in Marlins which says one should not use plain lead bullets as they will foul the rifling much quicker. It was recommended to use copper jacketed or plated bullets to avoid this.

Has anyone ever had any problem from using lead bullets? Is this even a relevant concern? I just want to find out before buying a bunch of ammo that may be a problem.

If bullet material isn't an issue, I'm curious to know which ammo users have had the best results with in their Marlins.
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Personal experience:

Marlin model 60, mid '80's walmart model.
I shoot at least a brick every time I take it out. It is as accurate today as the day I bought it. I shoot shotgun hulls at 100 yards, open sites.
Cast vs. copper plating. Never gave it a thought. I use a bore snake and run it through about every 250 rounds. The action gumming up from the powder residue will slow the gun down before it looses accuracy.

I personally like Remington Sub-sonic. The hollow-point opens up prairie dogs with a single shot/kill. The Sub-sonic doesn't disturb them while you're shooting. No hearing protection needed. The Sub-sonic round actually are more accurate because they aren't hovering (loosing stabilization) around the sound barriar. Ask any competitive .22LR shooter and they will always chose a sub-sonic round.

Ok, downfall, being a slower round, it does drop like a rock. Once you have sited it in at a given distance you'll be right on, but shoot farther or closer and you vertical will have to be adjusted. With iron sites, my rear site is all the way up for 150 yards, and anything farther and you'll have to hold high.

Good luck.....
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