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Ammo? Kind of...

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Suggestions on storage options please. Wanting storage for many, many 50 round boxes of 22lr. What ammo cans fit these boxes the best?

Thanks in advance
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For all other misc. shotgun/centerfire ammo I use heavy duty plastic tool boxes w/trays and sealed lids picked up on sale at various places.
I use plastic containers for ALL my ammunition, and have for decades -- I mean things like plastic shoe boxes, and bins of various sorts. They seal fine for moisture, and I've never had a problem with any ammo, including contemporary ammo such as .22LR, 5.56, 6.5 Swedish Mauser, Swiss 7.5mm, 7.62x39, shotgun shells, WWII 30-06 ammo in belts(!), etc. This is all stored in a corner utility room that includes our massive whole house water filter. Yet NO problems of moisture or corrosion over about 35 years now.

My multiple pounds of black powder and percussion caps -- both true black and a couple canisters of Pyrodex -- are stored in a large plastic toolbox under a bench in the garage.

I agree that there's a certain historical/romantic appeal of the old steel GI ammo cans, but for storing ammo in your home/barn/shed/whatever environment, I don't see an advantage there.
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Can withstand a bit more heat that plastic however, if it gets hot enough, all bets are off
Yeah, I'm not convinced that in practical situations it would often make much difference. Plus there are drawbacks to storing such materials in metal containers that have their lids or doors clamped closed. If you want to see some of those issues in more detail, take a look some time at the BATF regulations for storing black powder -- and all the disputes about whether and to what degree those apply to individual owners/users or only to commercial sellers. But in any event, each of us has to make that choice for himself.
I've bought a lot of my plastic storage boxes from DG, but their offerings got really thin during the COVID effects. They're partly back now, but not all the way. My other primary source for those types of containers is Walmart -- which is often better than DG, depending on what size/type of container you're looking for.
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