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The Tippmann Ambi-Selector Switch works just fine in a M4-22 Elite.

First Remove grip to remove detent parts, be careful to NOT loose those small parts. There are 3 parts to look for: spring w/metal cap found in grip. Detent from receiver small part with "head" & pointy end. Note relationship of these parts.
Trick is to remove the HAMMER /spring first....this allows trigger group to move 'nuff to allow factory selector switch to come out.
2nd-Install left side of Ambi into place & then right side. It was suggested to use BLUE locktite on screw holding Rt side of selecter in place. Don't over tighten!

Now, Reinstall HAMMER/Spring (use a slave pin to guide/hold this into place to allow easier replacement of pin).
Check selector to be sure it moves (firmly) & detents (clicks into place) properly.
Hint: Hammer must be cocked for selector to move.

Congratulations you now have a working Ambi-Selector Switch.
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