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aluminum bull barrel?

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for all those out there who have a cabela's spring catalog (i suspect that is many of you) the barrel i have a question about it the one on 369. It is a high carbon steel insert/liner with an aluminum shell bonded to the outside to bring it up the OD and if i read it right at 17" in length it is nice and short. now the question: has anyone ever seen one or better yet used one or something similar? wondering how it holds up compared to the other bull barrels. any thoughts or conjectures would be helpful.
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If you mean the Aluma-lite barrel with the Walther steel liner, made by Majestic Arms. Then yes I have one. Seems to be well made, and it is lite, measures 17.5".
Only had time for about a hundred rounds, and I believe it will shoot well with the proper break in. I plan on trying to Moly-coat it, and I think it will only improve.
My shooting was across the top of an old car, really very stable, on bags at about 40 yards. the last ten shots that day were with Wolf MT and could be covered with a nickle.
I mounted it in a Core-lite stock, and was using a straight 10x Tasco A/O scope. Not real bad for the first time out considering that all I was after is a light gun to use to hunt squirrrel and to plink, with a little target shooting if it is informal.
I believe it will be a good buy if you are after a light weight barrel. Email them here, [email protected] and ask for there product brochure, let them know that you are interested in there Aluma-lite barrel, and they will send you the info. I belive the price in the brochure is a little cheaper than Cabelas. I would have bought straight from them, but had a pair of boots to return to Cabelas, that dang near bought the barrel.
Andy :) :t

They sent a booklet on there entire prouduct line and a seperate paper on the barrel also.
The book list the price as $159.00, with a .22 magnum at $169.00.
The seperate paper has the barrel listed at $139.00, with $159.00 installed on your rifle. .
Hope this helped. :)
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