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Alternative peep sights to fit Henry?

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I had my Henry H001Y out shooting yesterday. It has the stock sights on it. I was shooting at 25 yards - plain round nose Federal LR (I picked up a brick of them last week to try - really liked the way they shot).

O.K. I'm 60, have to shoot left handed due to eye problems. I've been using a piece of white paper 4 X 6 with a felt pen X corner to corner and a tracing of a quarter in the center of the X. This gives a good contrast for me for the sights. After putting 50 rounds through - I had several dead center and most of the rest about at 7 o'clock maybe an inch away. I don't' attribute this to my sights being off as I discovered that as I'm getting used to shooting the lever gun left handed, I had developed a couple of bad habits. One, when I squeezed the trigger, I could tell that I was "twisting" the rifle just a little bit. I wasn't flinching - it was all in how I was squeezing the trigger. Tjhis lead to me discovering that I did not have the stock firmly seated against my shoulder. I seemed to be ablet to help this by moving my right hand on the fore stock so that my right thumb and under finger were in front of the barrel band and thus I could "pull" it back into my shoulder for a tighter fit/grip.

Now . . . while the stock sights are "so so", I find that i am having trouble concentrating on the front sight and getting it "centered" in the rear sight slot. I'd like to try a peep sight as I think that might be the answer for me. I"ve looked at the Skinner sights and yes they are very nice. However, adding them to my rifle would make it necessary to replace the front "plastic" band/sight. All of these changes add up to $$.

My question is this. Does anyone make a peep sight that will fit the receiver mounting grooves like the skinner does but which is cheaper? I like the H001Y but at some point am going to get the Frontier and on that one, I'd put the extra $$ into a Skinner sight. I'm not interested in the expense of a tang peep. I'd like something that wouldn't require drilling/tapping holes and realize that the front sight would have to be changed anyway.This is just a "knock about" plinking rifle and I'd like to get out of it for the least amount of money. I know "you get what you pay for" but I'd rather put better upgrades into a Frontier when I get it but still want to try a peep and see if it will answer my vision requirements. Does such an animal exist?

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I opted for the K.I.S.S. principle.

Williams WM-96 replacement peepsight, originally intended for replacing the open rear sight leaf of military Mauser 93/94/95/96/98 rifles.

$25 (when I bought it, probably $30 now), not a clip-on for the Henry - I d/t'd one 6-48 hole in the receiver cover to mount.

It zeroed in less than 5 shots.using the issue front sight (which I painted)

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I also used this peep sight and it works great with existing front sight. Just have to drill & tap one hole in receiver cover. I also put a dimple in for the elevation adjustment screw.
For those who aren't familiar with this installation, the dimple in the receiver cover (made with the tip of a drill bit) goes under the sight's elevation adjustment screw tip, which bears on the cover top - it keeps the sight from pivoting sideways under handling (losing zero)
When using peep sights I do best with a tang mounted one. A sight from Marbles or Lyman that fits the Winchester 92/94 will fit the Henry. It will require a longer thru screw and drilling and tapping one hole to mount.
Thanks for all the details on peep sights. I sure would like a tang sight on the Henry pump I haven't been able to buy yet. Still looking.

not sure of quality of these but they fit the dovetail.
The low lying Williams GR FP with an added extended Elevation screw and a knobbed glib lock screw
I installed a Marbles on a oo1. Pretty easy to do if you have the tap.
You do need to order the screw set.
The sight comes with three different size peeps.

Haven't actually shot it yet but I like it so far.
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