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Almost new 1982 Mark II

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I came back from Germany in 1984 and brought back a Ruger Mark II which I bought in 1982. Took it to the range a couple of times, shot it hunting at varmits, probably only shot 2-3 hundred rounds. I wanted to take my boys deer hunting and I knew that he had a 788 lightweight in .308. I traded it for the 308 so my oldest son would have a rifle for deer. He has had it since 1984. He never shot it, had it in his camping trailer for 10 years. Has had it in his drawer since he sold his trailer. I got it back cause he said he only wanted it for protection while camping in his trailer. It was alittle dirty from sitting, little corrosion on the rings of the saftey button, on the groves of the charging handle but no where else. He hasn't shot it and he hasn't cleaned it either. He never bought shells for it, Can you believe!!! No bullets and he wanted it for protection while in the trailer, Can you say BASEBALL BAT. Anyway I have it back not and it will see use. great shooter.:bthumb:
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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