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Greetings friends, hope everyone is having a great New Years and staying healthy!

Obviously, I'm still kickin'... I've just not have had much to discuss unless it relates to the 40X Sporter repeaters. WATCHADDIC and I talk often to keep each other up-to-date!

BTW, I cleaned out my 'inbox' so I can once again get PM's sent to me... thanx Shorty123 for letting me know... My Bad!

Wishing all a wonderful 2022 to you and your families... Stay STRONG and we'll all get through the mess our great Country (and the World) is experiencing.

Peace. :bthumb:

Update: I saw that the Remington Barrel Date Code info. (I recv'd directly from the Remington CS) was deleted due to my Picturetrail acct. being eliminated when the Picturetrail Image Hosting website went defunct. I've gone back in my records and re-created the data directly from the PDF I was graciously given back in 2012 by the CS shop Mgr. at that time. I've included a bit more of the original information that is present in the document for documentation purposes. Some information I've intentionally left out due to sensitivity and maintaining the ability to help determine accuracy of 'original' 40XB Sporter/Repeaters for the future. I hope you understand...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts