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Aguila Super Colibri

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Several months ago, someone posted on here that cheaperthandirt.com had this ammo for $5.00 a brick. I missed the sale by a few hours and the phone rep would not give me the price. If anyone hears of a sale anywhere that is even close to this, please post or pm me because my boys go through this stuff and I would really love to get some at a good price.
Thanks, Chris
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That was a heck of a bargain. I was lucky enough to catch it at that price and bought 10,000 rounds along with a Davey Crickett rifle which i gave to my 8 year old for his birthday. He has just started using it and has only fired about 75 rounds or so, but the report is very quiet and he is having a ball with it. I am really pleased with the accuracy and noise level of the ammo. If i see it at a decent price again, i will let you know. Regards, Kerry
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