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Saw an article in a Brit air rifle magazine a few years ago.

The most powerful thing you can purchase there without police approval on a Fire Arms Certificate is a rifle generating NO MORE THAN 12 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.

In a .177 air rifle, that's about 800fps with an 8gr pellet; in .22, about 600fps with a 12gr pellet.

The writer had no difficulty recovering rabbits hit IN THE CHEST out to 35yd or so.

I seem to recall his comment that AT THE TARGET, 3 or 4 ft/lbs were enough, and most of that was needed to get through the skin.

I've tagged squirrels out to 20yd, chest or head shots, with a .177 target rifle making less than 600fps, or 6-7 ft/lbs energy.

A target .22 load may serve the hunter better than some sexy Oh My God hot rod load. More accurate, less wind sensitive, too.
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