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I've used them in a number of guns, directly comparing them to their closest competitor: CCI Velocitors. In general, I couldn't get either to group well in anything I own; sometimes the CCI would be a little better, sometimes the Aguila, but neither impressed me all that much.

The sole exception is a Glenfield 25, which shoots very poorly with most ammo but turns in very acceptable results from the Interceptors! I've only put about 100 rounds of that ammo through the gun so far, but have already shot several 5-round, 1/2" groups from a kneeling position at 25 yards. Best groups from prone at 50 yards are just a bit larger. Haven't tried them from 75 yards yet, but that's next.

If you have a gun that likes them, they have the capability to shoot very well.

-=[ Grant ]=-
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