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I would use a solid point for hunting, especially depending on the size of the game, you don't want a hollow point tearing up too much meat. I used a solid point on squirrels and rabbits. I use hollow points only on woodchucks. That 40 gr solid point will definately stop a rabbit or squirrel , and even larger game.

I do believe the energy that the Aguila round has at 100 yds will be comparable to the .17HMR at that range. . For a good quick kill with the interceptors I would keep my shots between 50-75 yds. Also depending on the accuracy of the gun itself.

In general, like I stated above I use solid points on"game" meat, and hollow points on varmints , or pests. Your harder hitting rounds are the best for varmints, all depends on what you want to do with the game your intending to shoot. These are just my opinions

I am going to try this round in my new 10/22 build later in August , still awaiting a few "key "parts. If it works good I will definitely try to get a few chucks this year before they hide for the winter.
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