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You don't need 'em for rabbits.

If you wanted to push the effectiveness of the 22lr for something like a bobcat....then by all means, use the hardest hitting round you can.
(I took one two years ago with an Aguila SuperMax HP, dropped on the spot from 30yds).

I use CCI Minimag solids or Federal 510's most of the time for grouse and rabbits. Either are more than effective on bunnies out to 50+ yards.
Heck, I've even taken a handful at 25-30yds with CCI's CB Longs shooting 29grs at a whopping 710fps.

Rabbits are not hard to kill if you can hit where you're supposed to aim. ;)
And no, that still isn't approaching 17HMR or 22WMR levels...a 400+ FPS is the difference in quite a bit of energy!
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