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Aguila Interceptor .22LR for hunting?

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It's called the .22 Interceptor 40grain, Copper Plate, 1470 FPS!


The webiste is being updated but that's quite a claim. I'm assuming it's Muzzle Velocity. In lonly got my .22 last week.

For you more experienced Hunters got 3 quick Questions.

1. Is this encroaching on .17HMR territory?

3. If hunting rabbit to eat would I get a Solid or Hollow point. (Meat Damage Vs Stopping Power?)

3. Whats better for hunting small game, Hypervelocity, Subsonic, Heavier Bullet? I compare it to the light but faster .17 and all I get is confused!!!!!!

It looks like exiting ammo to me. Not for plinking probably pricey but great for hunting,

In Comparison the Stinger is 32 grains at 1640 FPS. What would you prefer? Ok thats 4 questions. Sorry!

Found this site http://www.jesseshunting.com/articles/guns/category8/168.html

Gives it a good rap and a Muzzle Velocity of 1550FPS! Check out the Watermelon at 25 metres!!! Might go melon huntin'
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Just buy a little at first, your rifle may not like it! Neither of mine did! Large groups!
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