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Aguila ammo

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Has anyone else tried using Aguila ammo? Their standard velocity target ammo performs better than Remington target in my Ruger Government model. The hyper velocity also seems pretty darn accurate in my 10/22. This Mexican ammo seems to be an undiscovered item to most folks. What do you think?
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So far I've had mixed results with Aguila. The standard velocity 40 gr works well and shoots as good as Wolf MT. The SE Subsonics 38 grains is the worst ammo I've ever tested. Groups at 25 yards are 3/4 to 1 inch. No rhyme or reason. I even weighedall the 38 grains. Out of 100 rounds 34 were 49 grains, 33 were 48.5 and 33 were 48 grains.

Failure to feed was the main problem.

On the other hand, the SSS is the best ammo for my Mossberg. Those things will just clover leave at 25 even with iron sites.

I now have a brick of Match ammo on order to see if it works well in my CZ or 10-22.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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