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After Market Extractor 77/22

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Anybody know who produces a upgraded extractor for the 77/22. I'm able to find all kinds of ones for a 10/22, but only the factory one for the 77/22. I recently installed a Green Mountain heavy fluted barrel (22lr)and have been experiencing extraction problems from time to time. I'm thinking that replacing the extractor and maybe the spring will cure this problem...any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated:)
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Chief says : Because the 77/22 uses double extractors in the bolt the factory ones are best.
Brownells offers them.
Any recommendations on how to improve ejecting spent and live rounds from a tight chamber. Any thing I can do like polishing the chamber.....I'm getting tired of packing my cleaning rod everywhere I go when shooting this rifle. I don't really want it rechamberd ....it shoots great. Will increased shooting help wear in the chamber and therefore easy in extraction??????
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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